"I saw my parents working really hard and giving generously even when situations became difficult...and I find myself instinctively doing the same."

Fi and Kweku Bennin are married, live in East London, and have a newborn son.

Kweku: I've lived in East London, pretty much all of my life, and started attending ChristChurch London in 2010. I was looking for a community to get involved with; I was growing and I just needed something a bit different, so I started to look for a church that felt welcoming to young professionals - and that's when I found CCL. I loved it from the moment I was involved.

Fi: I moved to London in 2010 because I wanted some new work experience basically, and when I was in Cape Town I had two good friends who had been going to CCL and they told me to check it out. At the beginning I found it quite hard to get involved, and then someone said, ‘you know the best way to do that is to join a Connect Group’. So I did and straight away I thought, 'these people are going to be my friends for life', and all of them pretty much have been. That's when Kweku and I first met.

Kweku: I think from the moment we decided to get together, we knew that we were working towards eventually getting married so we did the whole marriage prep thing.  At that point we had a major financial goal: saving towards a wedding, and as we were discussing the future and our married life, we realised that giving regularly was something that we wanted to be able to do together.

Prior to meeting Fi, I wasn't making loads of money, but I saw my parents working really hard and giving generously even when situations became difficult. They were generous in loads of other ways as well, so I find myself instinctively doing the same. I’ve experienced the struggles myself: not having much money at all. But I also have stories from my own life about how rewarding giving has been. Not necessarily 'you give and you get straight away'. Sometimes its taken time, but I’ve been blessed in so many ways.

Fi: My background is a little different. I came from a place where it was very much, ‘no, hold onto your money’, and I haven't seen a good model of generosity. When I started going to church myself, I realised that for me, giving is more about not letting money have a hold on you. It is about acknowledging that God gave it to us in the beginning & that as we are generous He will take care of us.

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