We started out gathering a few people in a room. But we had a vision to make a contribution to every part of this city.

So the question now is: what's next?



We are committed to the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of our city.



Life-giving culture.

We want to use our abilities to build a great city, where every aspect of life; media, the arts, education, business, science, government, family & community contribute to the health of the city.

"We are born to be creative..."


Social Justice.

We want to serve those in need, the lonely and the oppressed and welcome the isolated and excluded. We will play our part and partner with others working for justice and peace in the capital.

"Love breaks down barriers..."


Exploring faith.

We want to help people explore the big questions of life and discover that a relationship with Jesus Christ can meet our deepest needs for meaning, satisfaction, freedom and forgiveness.      

"Faith changes everything..."

This vision becomes a reality when every one of us says:

"I'm in"

What the world needs is really great community...and I want to contribute to that, to play my part.
I want to see church communities being built, so that we can make a difference across the rest of London too.