Love can change every aspect of our lives; it can break down every barrier & be the catalyst for change that we would never have dreamt of otherwise.

Lizzy works a midwife and cares deeply about the social renewal of our city.

I grew up in Bournemouth and when I was finishing school I knew I wanted a career where I was able to help people. It was a long journey but things moved really fast and I ended up as a midwife at St. Thomas’ in Westminster! It’s been a really good change..

My sister and her husband came to CCL about 5 years ago so it was on the top of my list to try. It was a really great experience. I only knew one person so I asked him to introduce me to other people, and I quickly made really good friends including Sarah who I now run a Connect Group with.

The Social Justice Connect Group started at around the same time as the picture of the little boy who drowned on the shores of Turkey went viral. I didn’t know what to do about it, but I felt I needed to do something. Sarah and I met up one day and she said she felt exactly the same.

We asked anyone who was interested in social justice in any shape or form to join us. We’re thinking about human trafficking, homelessness and justice; praying, fundraising and raising awareness.

Recently we held an open-mic night for International Justice Mission (IJM), which was just amazing. We had 110 people attend and we raised more money than we thought we would.

You don’t always make friends by caring for the uncared for. Sometimes working for justice can get you into trouble But love can change every aspect of that; when we treat people well. It can change everything.

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