I want to see church communities being built, so that we can make a difference across the rest of London too.

Loz lives in Greenwich and is part of a growing community in East London.

I’ve always really liked London. I wasn’t ever planning to live here but I liked the city and how there’s always things to do. I moved here three and a half years ago and have been here ever since.

When I first moved here I was looking for community, and a place where I’d meet the same people every week and build relationships. I googled churches and I knew someone who had come to ChristChurch London years before and had recommended it so I just thought, ‘let’s try it one Sunday’. I was welcomed by someone (who’s now a really good friend of mine) who, after the service, just said ‘come on, we’re going to Nandos’, and I’ve called CCL home ever since!

So, I’ve moved to London, I’ve found a community where I’ve made great friends and I feel really at home here. And what I receive from ChristChurch is so much more important to me. So it's not like I feel obliged to give, but I want to give. Whether it’s on a Sunday or just within the week, I’m blessed continually by CCL and I want to give something back.

There are times when it’s a struggle; like when I first moved here. I wasn’t on a very high wage and I’d just finished five years at Uni so I was in a lot of debt. It’s not as if giving was always an easy thing to do, but again I think it’s a really important thing to do.

Just hearing stories of people who have found their lives changed or have found freedom from unhelpful habits through the STEPS course, has been amazing. Also, if we want to do things like Alpha and for people to really enjoy it then that’s going to cost something too. These things aren’t going to happen if people aren’t giving.

And maybe because I’m single it’s an easier decision for me. It’s not like I have to talk to someone about our finances and worry about where we should spend it. But I think in the future, if I was in a relationship or if I got married it would be something that’s so important to me that I would still do it, and I’d hope that the person I was married to would have a similar mind-set. I’d like it to be a priority; if it means that you don’t go on holiday this month, then that’s the sacrifice you make!

It’s just so great to see the difference that our generosity can make, and I want to see that continue. I’d like to see church communities being built, so that through these and the love within them, we can then make a difference in the rest of London.

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