Giving doesn't have to be a rushed decision. It's good to take time to reflect, pray and consider. So here are some resources that might help you do just that.

Jerusalem: A Sacrificial Church - Andy Tilsley >

The story of the church begins at Jerusalem, where a small group of followers of Jesus sought to live lives marked out by sacrifice, devotion and commitment to community. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers what we can learn from their example.

Macedonia: A Generous Church - David Stroud >

If the churches in Macedonia were known for anything, it was their generosity. In this talk, David looks at 2 Corinthians 8-9 and considers how we can model our own generosity on the generosity God has shown to us.

Enough: A sermon series - David Stroud & Andy Tilsley >

We live in one of the world’s most expensive cities and all of us have bills to pay and tough decisions to make. This short series is designed to help us think biblically and practically about how we use our money.

Simplify your Finances - Andy Tilsley >

In an expensive city like London, how should we handle money? And how does knowing what our priorities are help us to use our money wisely? Andy Tilsley looks at how we can master our finances, rather than be mastered by them.

"I saw my parents giving generously even when situations became difficult...”
"God is so incredibly generous to us that our response is to be generous too…"