It’s a wonderful thing to be able to offer prayer for others. People tell me how grateful they are & they often leave with a sense of God’s peace or knowing that He’s there & He cares for them.

Rich is playing his part in the spiritual renewal of our city. Here, he tells us about how he came to start 'Prayer on the Streets' in East London.

I’ve been involved in praying with people since I started at CCL and have always wanted to offer this to those who don’t attend the church services, not just those who do.

After meeting some people from another East End church who were interested in doing the same sort of thing, we were able to combine our efforts and start something on the Roman Road. Every other Saturday we provide an opportunity for people to come and talk to us and, if they want, to receive prayer.

I know that God cares about people and their situations, whatever they might be. We wanted to show people that they can experience that love wherever they are, not just inside a church building.

Quite often we meet somebody who’s struggling with something and we’ll just listen to them and pray for them, and they’ll go away saying ‘You’ve made my day!’ So I guess, trying to show love to those people is like a tiny little stepping stone on whatever their journey might be, for them to believe that maybe there’s a God who loves them.

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