I love making great music and seeing the incredible pleasure it brings to people. We are made in the image of the Creator….we’ve been made to be creative.

Samantha is a classically trained opera singer who travels around the world for her work. She is married, lives in Stratford and dreams of being part of the cultural renewal of our city.

I moved to London nine years ago. Training for six years at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama was part of my putting down roots; I really think of London as my home now. All the moving around certainly helped prepare me for the life of a travelling singer!

My attitude on the Opera Course was: I’m here to be committed to learning and promoting my art. It’s important for me to be myself and also to be good at what I'm doing. My enthusiasm is continuously fuelled by those around me who also love their work. I was so grateful to be mentored by artists who helped me understand my industry as well as my craft. This support has been really influential in my recent work co-founding the Creative Professionals Network Australia, which we started in order to connect people of different sectors, backgrounds and nationalities all across London.

I feel like the long hard road one takes to diligently nurture talent is worth it on its own terms. We put years of continuous development into our skills. A high calibre of work, the extra hours you put in and extra miles you go, the blood, sweat and tears (!) on the journey are what makes our art authentic and worthwhile, as well as praise, plaudits and fabulous dresses. I really hope out of this artistic discipline we share, we will be able to speak and champion life-giving art in a way that people will be moved by and respond to.

I love making great music and seeing the incredible pleasure it brings to people. We are made in the image of our Creator…. we've been made to be creative, to make a contribution, and use our art to bring people peace, joy and reflection.

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