How will we achieve our 20/20 vision?

Starting More Services.

If we are to become more effective in working for the cultural, social & spiritual renewal of our city, we will need to start more churches across the city. Our own experience, & the latest research, both point to the fact that every service we start leads to opportunities to touch the lives of an increasing number of people.

Our goal:

By 2020 we will have eight services in six different locations; contributing to local communities & making a difference in people’s lives. We are currently considering the following locations:

  • North London
  • East London morning service
  • Sutton
  • Further services in South London and the West End.

Raising up new leaders.

Starting new services across the city involves a long-term process of identifying & training leaders to take them forward.

We want these leaders to be as diverse as the city we love & want to see this reflected in the gender, age & ethnicity of those who lead at every level of church life.

This will require a leadership pipeline that stretches from the time people comes to faith to their active ministry as service leaders. It also demands providing coaching to potential leaders from different areas of church ministry including Connect Groups, Production teams and other types of ministries.

The Cost

There is a challenge in expanding to new services and new locations. There is a cost to raising up new leaders. And, as always, there is sacrifice involved in achieving our dreams.

  • To achieve our 20/20 vision, we need a sustainable financial framework going forward
  • To see cultural, social and spiritual renewal, we need to invest in people and endeavours
  • To meet our ongoing costs to maintain our present services in 4 locations, and take the next steps to reach the 2020 goals we need to increase our yearly regular giving by £250,000.

With a shared vision comes shared responsibility.

To meet the cost of our vision we need to share the cost among ourselves. We hope that everyone who considers CCL home will buy-in to our vision – and into the responsibility that comes in seeing it play-out.

We need everyone’s passion, dedication & generosity to achieve our shared goals. That means all of us saying;